Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Years Resolutions for the Destination Bride

If you are planning a destination wedding,
its time to get your resolutions made and
get planning.

Get organized! Get or download a planner
and keep it up to date. Very important
since the wedding is out of town to keep phone
numbers and email addresses where they
can be easily accessed.

Get your passport if you are getting married
out of the USA. You now need a passport to
get married in the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada.
Cross the border, you need a passport.
DO NOT WAIT! Since the new rule went into
effect, the wait time is longer since everyone
puts it off. To see what you need to get your
passport, click here.

Make travel and lodging arrangements in
advance. Last minute travel will cost
you more money.

Send save the date cards with travel information
to the guests you are inviting. They need time
to save up the money to travel and take
vacation time from work.

Keep your guests in the loop by creating
a wedding web site that you update

Make lists of what you will need to
travel and the clothes you will need
for the location. Start filling in your
wardrobe with things you need for
the wedding and honeymoon.

Make a list and assemble the
documents you both need to get your
marriage license.

Confirm all of your wedding arrangements
BEFORE you travel.

Confirm your travel reservations BEFORE
you travel.

Don't forget to pack your sunscreen if
you are heading to a beach location!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sandals All Inclusive Resorts are Having a Sale!

Sandals Ultra All-Inclusive Resorts
is the premiere Caribbean destination resort for destination
weddings and honeymoons AND they are having a year end sale!
$200 per person will hold your reservation, so why are you
waiting? Select locations are 50% off!
50% off on these fabulous resorts is just mind boggling.

Get your 7th night FREE at Sandals Resorts

These resorts are all inclusive. It means EVERYTHING
is included! All your food, entertainment,
lodging, premium liquor, beach activities, tips,
transportation, taxes and more are included for one price.
You have your choice of restaurants,
dine in suite or with a different restaurant every night.
You can even dine around at nearby Sandals resorts.

Golf with NO GREEN FEES are included as are all
water sports like snorkeling, sailing, scuba and windsurfing
with professional instructors.

All the resorts front white sand beaches with crystal
clear turquoise waters. The perfect place to lounge
and relax after the wedding.

Add up the costs of what you would spend on a beach
vacation: Luxurious lodging, unlimited food and make
it three gourmet meals and snacks a day, unlimited premium
liquor, golf, professional entertainment, dancing,
water sports, beach parties, hotel taxes, tips and
transportation and you'll see what an amazing deal
Sandals packages really are.

You don't need to worry about anything. One price,
you are all paid. No out of pocket tips, nada. Just
kick back and start having fun. Guys, book
this offer now and you'll be a hero to your bride!

I've seen the resorts and they are amazing. I've never
heard anything but kudos from people who return
from Sandals. In fact, they usually are planning
their next vacation at Sandals for their anniversary.
I've got my deposit down for next year, woo hoo, and
we saved a lot of $$$$$.

Don't wait, book it now! Sales are few and
far between, if you are considering Sandals,
check it out!

Big Savings at Sandals Resorts

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Las Vegas Weddings from Cheesy to Luxe

Las Vegas is THE wedding destination spot. Las Vegas has it all
from the cheesiest to the most luxe wedding imaginable.
If you can dream it, Las Vegas can do it and do it with pizazz.

You can marry in Las Vegas in jeans and a tank top. Nix the wife
beater tank, it may have negative connotations to the wife's
family. You can wear a couture wedding dress and a designer tux.
You can marry on the spur of the moment. You can marry in the
desert at Red Rock Canyon. You can marry in a hot air balloon.
You can marry in your car or on a Harley. You don't even
need to get out of the car! You can marry in the
ballroom of a 5 star resort or an intimate hotel chapel.
You can marry above the clouds on the Stratosphere tower.
You can marry in Parisian surroundings at Paris Hotel & Casino.

Always dreamed of tying the knot in front of Elvis? Graceland
Wedding Chapel has that covered. All their Elvi are
licensed ministers. Want to get married with a celebrity
impersonator as a witness? No problemo. Do you want to get
married DIRECTLY on the Las Vegas strip in front of the Eiffel
Tower or the Bellagio fountains while they spray and the music
plays? There are ministers who will happily perform the ceremony.

If you want your destination wedding to be as unique as the
two of you, Las Vegas is your destination. Wedding and honeymoon
in one spot with nonstop fun and world class food.

For information on getting your marriage license in Las
Vegas, click here.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Great Prices on Destination Wedding Dresses

I came across the Bridal Store Online when one of my customers
introduced me to their web site. I was blown away by their prices on destination wedding dresses. While I think their retail prices
(there In Store price)is a bit high for the dress,
there is no denying that the prices are not
just good,they are grrrrrrrrrreattt.
(That's my Tony the Tiger voice).

Look, I've been doing this for 30 years and I know a deal when I see it.
Don't waste your time, click on over and see for yourself!
You might also want to check out their $199 and under dresses.
If the dress has a plain train, you can have a seamstress cut it off
to floor length. Most destination wedding dresses have a small or
sweep train. Or you can have a seamstress bustle it for the wedding so it's
off the ground. Its about having your dream dress at a price you can afford.
Check it out!

Designer Wedding Dress & Bridal Gowns at 80% off retail prices. In stock and ready to ship in you size.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Save BIG Money on Your Destination Wedding Dress

Here's an insider tip to save a lot of cash on your destination wedding dress.
Bridesmaids dresses can be ordered in white, ivory or champagne in addition to
lots of other colors.

Some bridesmaid dresses make the PERFECT destination wedding dress in the
right color. Alexia Design style # 2822 is a parchment taffeta done with a rouched skirt,
strapless and has a beaded and embroidered belt. Under $200!!! It even has a built in crinoline so you don't have to buy one.

Alexia also does style # 2818 in charmeuse which is a popular fabric. It has a strapless top and a hip belt. Very chic and if you were to order something comparable in a destination dress, you'd pay easily $500. This is under $185.00.

Or Alexia # 2120 which is a hip wrapped halter with crystal embellishments on the strap. The fabric is parchment taffeta and the style is HOT! Under $160.

I'm talking about quality, well made fashions with a great fit. These are not your junk store informals you sometime see on the internet.
Your bridal shop may not tell you but all the maid companies make dresses that will adapt well to a destination wedding. Some fabrics may not be available in your style, but most will. Plan ahead, order a minimum of 4 months in advance and you'll have a dream dress that looks uber expensive on a beer budget.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

What's a Weddingmoon?

Doesn't weddingmoon sound romantic? A weddingmoon is a wedding and a honeymoon combined. Its your basic destination wedding IF you honeymoon at the same spot as the wedding.

A weddingmoon is the best of both worlds. Its a stress free wedding and you are immediately on your honeymoon. You've traveled in advance. You've done all the legwork in advance. You "I Do" and relax.

A traditional wedding is a wedding at home then you travel to your honeymoon.
A lot of time pressed couples choose a weddingmoon over a traditional wedding because of time constraints. They don't waste a day after the wedding traveling. You arrive, get married and instant honeymoon. Couldn't be easier!

You can weddingmoon on a cruise ship, at the beach, at a Caribbean resort, in Mexico, Hawaii, Europe or Las Vegas. The weddingmoon is all about you as a couple. Once they hotel or resort knows you are weddingmooners, you'll get special treatment!

For more information on weddingmoons and destination weddings, check out Beach Bride 2 Be. Its a free guide to planning your destination wedding! Stop in, digg the site!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Wedding in Las Vegas!

My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. For us it was a major milestone. I'm not exactly easy to live with. I'm disorganized, he's precise. I can talk to anyone about anything, he's a little shy. I'm out there, always ready for an adventure. He's always weighing the consequenses. I dance on tables, he's reserved. Life with me is not dull.

When we met, he was widowed super young with two little boys. I had 5 dogs and owned a bridal shop. Somehow, we survived 25 years! We were more surprised than anyone.

In my family, its a tradition to have a huge anniversary party and renew your wedding vows. Well, I didn't want a party. I always joked that I wasn't renewing our wedding vows unless I did it in front of Elvis in Vegas. I said it once, I meant it and I'm still here.

He goes with me twice a year to the bridal conventions in Las Vegas and he wanted to check out wedding chapels. My job IS weddings and I didn't want any part of spending my time off looking at wedding venues. Too much like work. I wanted to do Vegas.

So 6 months before our anniversary he announces that we're renewing our vows in front of Elvis and he already has the airline tickets. So suddenly, I'm planning a wedding. My wedding, again!

We choose the Graceland Wedding Chapel and the gold lame Elvis which turned out to be Kent Ripley. The chapel was amazing, it looked like a small church and the staff was very attentive, especially when a bee landed on my flowers and stung me.

Graceland chapel made planing so easy. We picked our flowers (yeah, I even had a bridal bouquet), the time which Bruce insisted had to be the exact time of our original wedding, our vows, our photography package and the songs we wanted Elvis to sing. A limo picked us up and there we were! I can't imagine an easier way to get married and I'm in the biz.

Kent was awesome! And he can sing! It was fun, it was romantic and it was way more than I ever could have imagined. Kent is a licensed minister and pronounced us "still married". We danced while he sang to us. He did a lot of Elvis moves and then we took the Elvis vows. We vowed never to step on each others blue suede shoes, to never OWN a pair of blue suede shoes and that Bruce would always be my hunka hunka burning love. It was hard to do without laughing. we laughed and laughed and we ended up high fiving each other on a job well done. I married my best friend and it was the best choice I've ever made. The ceremony ended with a rendition of "Viva Las Vegas" and as we walked back to the chapel door "Elvis has left the building".

I didn't want to do the Las Vegas wedding renewal, but it was the PERFECT way to celebrate! It was just the two of us, in Vegas, having a blast.

The Graceland Wedding Chapel was another great choice. Kent Ripley is and always will me our personal Elvis.

Wedding Vow Rings , Your vows engraved inside!

My husband and I were flying back from renewing our wedding vows in Las Vegas for our wedding anniversary. We renewed our wedding vows with "Elvis" at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Cheesy? Not really, it was fun and it was romantic. So Bruce says "This is what we should have done for our new wedding rings." I'm like what NEW wedding rings? OK..he shocked me during the ceremony with a new ring, but we didn't get new wedding rings.

He showed me this ad in the onboard magazine:

I've never seen a wedding band with the vows written inside and thought it was cool. Our original wedding bands had our initials and date engraved. There wasn't room to engrave much more. We were limited to like 20 characters. Its hard to say what you feel in 20 characters.

Laser technology has made it possible to engrave your wedding vows inside the ring..and you get 225 characters. You can have your entire wedding vows engraved, or a love poem or a secret saying known only to the two of you.

I am buying one for my husband for Christmas with the renewal vows we exchanged in Las Vegas. I thought about putting inside "take off this ring and I'll hurt you" or "Forget your married and I get the dog, your car AND the house", but my husband is a super guy. So I'll get the vows engraved inside...the Elvis vows. And I have them on a DVD, so it will be easy to get them exact. And I can't wait to see his face!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An Affordable Hawaiian Wedding on NCL

Do you think a wedding in Hawaii is out of your price range? Think again.
7 Day Hawaii Cruise starting at $599

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers affordable wedding packages in Hawaii. You can get married on board the ship or on land. Their wedding packages include EVERYTHING you need to get married including the services of a wedding coordinator. Your ceremony, legal officiant, music, wedding cake and professional pictures its all included when you book your wedding package.

Compare a land based wedding on one of the islands to a cruise ship wedding. All your meals, entertainment and lodging for a week are included on a cruise ship. The price makes it very affordable. It just makes sense to marry through NCL for a romantic wedding in Hawaii.

The cruise ship is your floating hotel and you are automatically on your honeymoon!
You can do it all on board the ship or free style cruise. You can eat when and where you want, participate in activities onboard or just lounge on deck and soak up the rays.

NCL cruises the Hawaiian islands. If you are a US citizen, you don't need to have a passport like you would if you were traveling to the Caribbean.

Hawaii Banner

A wedding In Maui goes under....

This poor bride took a dunking...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Getting married in Hawaii

Hawaii is romance! The swaying palm trees, the tropical breezes, the sunkissed beaches, the tropical flowers, the windswept beaches. Its romantic and a perfect place for a destination wedding.

In Hawaii you can have your wedding your way from the traditional wedding, beach or mountain wedding to Hawaiian lei ceremony where you exchange tropical floral lei's. You can marry at a state park beach, a private beach, a private estate, a large beach resort, the choices are endless as are the price ranges. From budget to lavish, you can do it all in Hawaii.

We recommend if you have no knowledge of the islands, that you do a lot of research. Molokai is the least touristy and the most true Hawaiian. Hawaii is the "big island" that has everything from beaches to snowy mountains
including Kilauea, the most active in Volcano's National Park. Kauai is the northernmost island in the chain and is known for outdoor adventures and the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific", Waimea Canyon. Oahu is the capitol of the
islands and the most populated island. You can go to the legendary Waikiki beach or watch the world famous surfers conquer the waves on the North Shore or go to Pearl Harbor. Lanai has not ONE traffic light and is the place for privacy. Lanai has golf , hiking, off roading and dolphin watching.

To continue reading and for information on getting a marriage license in Hawaii, click here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Long Range Wedding Day Weather Forecast

A bride challenged me to help her to schedule her outdoor wedding on a day without rain. What do I look like, God? That's why you develop a plan B for your outdoor wedding. If it rains you move it indoors. Its not rocket science. But she insisted there HAS to be a way to know for sure.

So I hit the web. I vaguely remember seeing a web site that said you could predict the weather way in advance for beach weddings. I couldn't find it.

There are a lot of sites that talk about weather prediction. The amount of weather statistics made me break out in a rash. There are even some sites that for a fee will guarantee you 85% accuracy of their long range prediction. I don't know what they will give back if they are wrong. How you can even prove that it rained where you were if they said it was going to be dry? You can't just plug in a date and a place and read the forecast. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could? Weather is science and Mother Nature is not always predictable. How many times are you looking out on rain and the idiot on the radio is talking about sunshine?

Instead I came to the conclusion that not much trumps the good Old Farmers Almanac and a plan B.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sandals Resorts For an Amazing Wedding and Honeymoon

Sandals Resorts, home of the "weddingmoon" is offering brides free wedding planner. No strings attached, its free, and who doesn't love free?

A weddingmoon is a wedding combined with a honeymoon. Sandals is the Caribbean resort that pioneered the idea and they do it best. I've never had a couple who married, honeymooned or weddingmooned at Sandals who didn't come home raving about the resorts. They rave about the accommodations, activities, food and staff. Sandals has it down to a science. They know how to do weddings right and they know how to cater to honeymooners. Its all about romance and having fun. You can do what you want, when you want. Join in with other couples or spend time as a couple alone.

Sandals is all inclusive. One price includes your meals in gourmet restaurants, water sports including scuba diving, golf, premium drinks, all resort amenities, hotel transfers, tips and taxes. Its all done for you in one package. No dipping into your pocket for tips and cash. You pay in advance and arrive and enjoy!

Click Here for Sandals Specials- Up to 50% off !

Or better yet, enter to win a free trip to Sandals. Win a 7 day, 6 night all-inclusive vacation at a Sandals or Beaches Resort of your choice (no purchase necessary) !

For your free wedding planning software, click here.

Choosing a Beach Location For Your Wedding

Beach brides say "I just want to get married on a beach." But what beach and how to choose?

Do you as a couple have a favorite beach? Maybe a beach where you went as a child in the summer? Or maybe you got engaged on the beach in the moonlight. Or you both discovered an amazing beach while on a cruise to the Caribbean or Mexico. Or maybe you saw a beach on the Travel Channel that looked like paradise.

Discuss it as a couple when picking your beach wedding site. Research it on the internet. Discuss it with a travel agent. Ask friends who are beach addicts. Before you know it, you'll have your location.

Check with the local beach chamber of commerce before you pick the date to make sure its not bike week or some other large people gathering at the beach. Not only will the extra commotion distract from your wedding, but the prices will be higher because of the increased demand for hotel rooms and condos.

Make sure your location is within easy travel for everyone. A beach should be accessible to a nearby airport for guests and family members who are traveling to your wedding.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Win A Wedding at the Empire State Building

Modern Bride Magazine is having a contest and the winner will get married at the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day 2008. The wedding will be styled by their It includes a gift bag worth over $500, hair and makeup and other prizes. To enter, you need to answer some essay questions to win your SKY HIGH WEDDING. To enter, click here. Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unique Beach Wedding Favors & Invitations

I get a lot of catalogs of wedding favors and invitations, and just a few are unique enough to make me stop and look.

Here are a few of beach themed items that are out of the ordinary! They are unusual, affordable and just set the perfect scene for a beach wedding!

Custom Sea Shells (min. order of 12 pieces)

What's unique about these shell favors is the inscription: "Our Love Shell Last Forever". How cute is that? Not only are they real shells and totally unique, the personalize them free! Click on the photo for more info.

Message from the Beach Bottle

I actually received one of these invitations in the mail in its own box. I LOVED IT!
Click on the photo for more information. The presentation is amazing and impressive!

"Send your invitation like in the days of old with this incredibly unique message in a bottle invitation. Right out of a classic old tale or romance and adventure, this glass bottle is filled with real sand and seashells, and your message is printed on beautiful paper, rolled, and place inside. The bottle is then corked and ready to be sent on its journey to all of your guests inviting them to your wedding in such a memorable way, they won't be able to turn it down."

Island Seashell Placecard Holders (set of 6)

I LOVE these shell place card holders and favors. They are real sea shells with a groove cut into them for the place card. They come in a set of 6 and are assorted in styles. How much more natural for a beach wedding than REAL shells? Much better than plastic palm trees and they come with an organza bag for your guests to take them home. Click on the photo for more info.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Taming Your Hair In a Different Climate

Phillip B Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray - NEW!

Nothing is worse than having your hair care products let you down when you are in a different climate. Humidity, dry air, high altitude, beach breezes all wreak havoc on your hair. What works at home won't work as well away from home.

I know from experience that when I am out west, I need a deep conditioner and a softer hairspray. When I'm in humid weather, my hair gets curly and frizzy and I look like a poodle. I basically need something like shellac or lacquer to tame my hair.

I tried this new climate control hairspray. My destination brides have raved about it. One heard about it from a friend, who told a friend...

I decided to buy it to put it to the ultimate test. My nephew got married on a beach in Florida on a day where the heat and humidity was off the charts. So I tried THE hairspray. And it worked! At the end of the evening, my hair looked amazing. My dress was droopy, but not my hair! No Frizz, no curls! If it works for me, it'll work for you at your wedding.

Here's the link to this spray:

Phillip B Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray - NEW!

Another Beach or Outdoor Wedding Photo Tip

Here's another beach photo tip: Nix the sparkly body lotion on any outdoor wedding. The sparkles in the lotion can deflect light and cause a light reflection on you when the photographer takes your wedding pictures.

I was talking to photographers and skin experts at my fashion show last weekend looking for new tips. When the photographer gave me this tip, the skin esthetician recommended using a tinted moisturizer sun screen with an SPF of 15.

All-in-One Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 15

is the product she recommended.

The self-adjusting formula delivers moisture only where skin needs it most, making it ideal for all skin types, even oily skin. It comes in several shades that matches each skin tone perfectly. It provides a lightweight, flawless finish with a sheer fresh look. It softens and hydrates skin, provides sheer coverage and adequate sun protection with an SPF 15. This all in one product also protects skin by eliminating the need to pack and use multiple products. It evens out your skin tone making wearing a foundation unnecessary.

You can also use foundation over this product for your pictures, but please, leave the glitter and sparkly lotion for the honeymoon.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Beach Wedding Photo Tip

A photographer who specializes in beach weddings just gave me this great photo tip. She said that if the bride's hair is too dark, it casts a shadow on her face in the pictures. She advises the bride add highlights to the front of her hair so the light bounces off her hair instead of being absorbed into her dark hair.

She also said if the bride doesn't want to highlight her hair, she should wear a tiara or headband to draw the light to the face. She explained it to me, its the sun, the water and the light filters...but I don't understand the technicalities and I can't explain it. She's the pro, I'm the tipster.

One of my brides with jet black hair had the front of her hair highlighted for her wedding photos. Her face was so much brighter and her eyes just popped. I hadn't realized how beautiful she was, but just adding a few highlights, the transformation was amazing. In my mind, this validates the photographers tip.

Ask your photographer, ask your hairdresser. I'm giving this tip two thumbs up.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wedding Trends, Destination Weddings

Wedding trends are always changing. For 08 weddings, we are seeing a lot of tiffany blue accents and themes, sparkle and shine, green weddings and as no surprise to me, DESTINATION WEDDINGS!

I've seen the trend from the big 400 guest ballroom wedding blowout turn into personal, smaller more intimate weddings. At least 1 out of 4 weddings that come through the bridal salon are destination weddings. Some are Las Vegas weddings, some are beach weddings, a few are on a cruise ship.

Why is this you ask?

A lot of the couples are in their 30's and have lived together for awhile. They don't want the big fairytale wedding. They want something more personal, yet meaningful.

For many of the couples , this is a second wedding. They've had the blowout, they want a wedding that is light years away from the first wedding. They want a wedding and none of the fuss.

Other couples feel that it is more cost effective (cheaper) to have a destination wedding. They can have the wedding and the honeymoon in one location. They get the honeymoon of their dreams AND a romantic wedding.

For other couples, the beach or destination wedding has always been the dream. A wedding at sunrise in Hawaii, a sunset wedding in the Caribbean, a Las Vegas wedding near the Bellagio fountains, or an Elvis wedding at Graceland Chapel.

Other couples have family problems. Blended families, too many stepmothers, too much conflict. Its a lot easier for them to avoid the issue and have a wedding away from home. The focus is on THEM, not the family squabbles.

If you need help planning a destination wedding, check out this free destination planning guide.

Dream Honeymoons; Destination Weddings!

Beach Weddings

Thinking about a beach wedding? Google beach wedding and you will have 10,200,000 results. WHOA!! Thats a lot of information to sift through. Even the most die hard bride will have grandchildren before she can check them all out.

So where do you start? Most wedding couples have a favorite beach or location. Maybe its the beach they went to ever summer on family vacations. Maybe they've always dreamed of a Hawaiian beach wedding. Or maybe its the Caribbean with its turquoise waters and soft breezes.
Start with your favorite location and use that as your starting point. Contact the city or chamber of commerce for information. They'll give you a list of wedding planners and contacts and go from there.

We advise you to use a wedding planner if you are planning an out of town beach wedding. They'll cut through all the red tape, steer you in the right direction and keep you from making a costly mistake. The best part: They save you time and stress because they'll do all the detail work.

Before you sign ANY contracts, make sure you ask for references and testimonials. A hotel that looks so marvelous on the internet may not be habitable in person. Also check beach wedding reviews at Trip Advisor. These are unbiased trip reports from real life beach brides.

I also use Trip Advisor to check out hotels in any city I'm traveling to before I make my reservation. All the glossy web pages in the world don't make a difference, I prefer to hear from people who've stayed there and get the real story.

Attention: Las Vegas Brides!

I just came across a site of Las Vegas wedding tips that I thought I'd share. If you are getting married in Las Vegas, Check it out!
They give you advice on how to work with a florist in Las Vegas to get seasonal
flowers. Great tip.

Other ideas for Las Vegas brides can be found here at www.beachbride2be.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

How to deal with a Bridezilla

Don't let this be you!

I've met a lot of Bridezilla's. Some I never want to see again. Some were very sweet gals who just had a moment. A Zilla needs to be stopped in their tracks. She needs to solve her real or perceived problem before she's totally out of control and leaves no one standing in her wake.

Bridezilla wants everything to be perfect. No wedding is perfect, nothing is perfect. Things can and will go wrong. No one will ever notice the small details at the wedding that you believe is horribly wrong. Trust me on this, I've been in the wedding business for 30 years.

Bridezilla NEEDS to be in complete charge of every detail. It's not about the wedding, its about the marriage. If you spend all your time focusing on the wedding and not the groom, its a red flag that you are more interested in going through the process of wedding planning than being married to that man. Step back and reassess your priorities. Could it be you really don't want to get married? Or you don't want to marry him?

It's not all about you. It's also about the groom, your family and friends. Yes, its your day, but its not all about you. It's not the time to one up your friends and their weddings. Its not a time to show off and have a "better" wedding. A wedding is a ceremony and a party. Period.

How to deal with your Bridezilla:

  • Nicely let them know that you've noticed there is a problem and their behavior is making it difficult for others around her. Let them know you are there for them and you are there to help. Define the problem and set up a plan to solve the problem. Do NOT join her in a rant against a tux store, caterer, etc. Don't allow yourself to get sucked into her battles.

  • A Bridezilla needs reassurance. She may be insecure and she may feel helpless. She needs you to let her know that everything will be fine, that she made the right wedding choices and that her first impulses are correct. When she starts second guessing herself, jokingly tell her to snap out of it or you'll buy her the t shirt.

  • Offer to help her with her wedding chores. It may be just a matter of helping her get organized. My experience shows that a lot of disorganized brides are Bridezilla's because they are stressed.
  • Have a long heart to heart talk. Ask her why she is so upset and lashing out at people. You can sometimes diffuse a Bridezilla by just talking her down and reassuring her. Let her know you love her and that you support her. Sympathize with her. She may just be so stressed out that she blows up.

  • Offer to spend time with her so she can destress and get away from wedding planning. A yoga class, a walk in the park, a massage at a salon, going to a chick flick matinee, a girls night out, lunch, a day trip, shopping, etc. Rule number one, no wedding talk.

  • Speak to her fiance, but do NOT accuse her of being a Bridezilla! Let him know in a nonaccussing way that she's stressed over the wedding and hatch a plan with him to take her away from wedding planning stress. It could be something like a picnic in the park or a trip to a nearby beach.

  • As a last resort, suggest she visit her doctor and discuss her anxiety. It is abnormal to be completely stressed out 24/7. Some anxiety is normal, but when its out of control, please get your friend to talk to her doctor.
If you are wondering if YOU could be a Bridezila, take the test and find out!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Are you a Maidzilla? A bad bridesmaid? Take the test.

Are you a Maidzilla? A bad bridesmaid?

A Maidzilla is a BAD bridesmaid. A Maidzilla mob is a group of bad bridesmaids. She's ticked off about something and everyone knows it. She's not used to sharing the spotlight. It should be all about her, but this person called the bride is getting all the attention. She's spending a lot of money, and she's not happy. Could you be a maidzilla? Take the test below to find out!

The Maidzilla test:

  • Are you constantly complaining to the bride about the wedding?

  • Do you dislike the groom? Have you told her?

  • Do you hate the bridesmaid dress?

  • Did you hold up the entire wedding party because you "just couldn't get around to order your dress"?

  • Do you hate the color of the dress?

  • Have you told everyone you'll never wear this ugly dress again?

  • Have you complained about the price of the dress?

  • Are you ticked off at the size of your dress you've had to order?

  • Are you upset you have to pay for alterations?

  • Are you angry that you've had to buy shoes or a bra for the dress?

  • Have you complained or caused a scene about the price, color, size you need to order or cost of alterations, etc. in the bridal salon?

  • Does the bridal salon staff hide when you come into the store?

  • Has the bridal salon had to call the bride regarding your behavior or not showing up for appointments?

  • Is the bride apologizing for your behavior?

  • Have you argued with the bride over any aspect of her wedding?

  • Have you threatened to back out of the wedding?

  • Has the bride had to pay for some of your personal expenses related to her wedding?

  • Have you told friends you dislike the bride's dress, wedding theme, etc?

  • Are you angry or refusing to take part in the wedding shower for the bride?

  • Have you told people that you don't know WHY she NEEDS a bridal shower because they've been living together and already have household items?

  • Are you angry about or refusing to take part in the bachelorette party?

  • Are you upset that you aren't in charge of planning the shower or bachelorette party?

  • Are you constantly complaining about your personal wedding expenses while carrying an authentic designer handbag?

  • Have you told the bride that you REFUSE to have your hair or makeup done unless you approve the person doing it?

  • Have you told the bride you refuse to get your hair or makeup done unless it suits your schedule?

  • Do you expect the bride to pay for your hair, nails and makeup?

  • Do you owe the bride money?

  • Are you avoiding helping the bride with wedding tasks?

  • Has the bride, her mother or her fiance spoken to you about your behavior?

  • Have you complained about the groomsman who is your partner in the wedding? Do you think you should have been paired with someone "hotter"?

Next question is based on whether you are married or single:

  • If you are married: Do you constantly talk about your wedding and how you did things and how much better it was than this wedding?
  • If you are single: Do you constantly talk about how much better your wedding will be..and how the bride "stole" your ideas?

For each yes, its one point.

7 points and under: You're a normal bridesmaid. You probably dislike the dress and probably won't ever wear it again. But, you're a good friend and that's what good friends do...wear the dress and smile. When its your turn to be the bride you'll get to pick what THEY wear. ;) You realize its an honor to be asked to be in the wedding and you are happy to oblige with a minimum of grumbling.

8 to 15 points: Mini Maidzilla in the making. You aren't happy about this wedding and can't keep it bottled up inside all the time. Maybe complaining is just in your nature. Maybe you think your friend is making a mistake and you are afraid to save her. Maybe you are a bit in love with her fiance, can't understand how she got so lucky and are jealous. Whatever the reason, take a chill pill and be happy for the bride.

16 points and above: Full blown Maidzilla. Everything in life SHOULD be about you and you hate to share the spotlight with the bride. You feel that the bride doesn't deserve all this attention. Jealousy oozes out of every one of your pores. You are a bad friend. Don't be surprized if the bride and groom and some of your friends never speak to you after the wedding. You need a serious attitude adjustment. The wedding is going to happen regardless of your feelings. Either be a part of it or bow out before you lose all sense of dignity.

If you've got the title, you may as well get the tee shirt.
Visit the Weddingzilla Tee shirt shop for humorous wedding tees.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Free Best Man Speech

Free Best Man Speech

The internet is full of advice for the best man looking for ideas for a free best man speech. I've spent days reading everything I could find on best man speeches. Much of what I found may very well be a guide of what NOT to say at the wedding reception.

The best man's speech is traditional at the reception and it can send any grown man into a stammering, heart pounding, palm sweating mess. But with some preparation and thought, it could be the hit of the reception and something the couple will remember every time they think of their wedding.

The best man's speech is a prelude to the traditional wedding toast to the couple, convey a message about your relationship to the couple, and thank the families for hosting the reception.

What not to say:

  • Don't try to be witty and make disparaging remarks about marriage. No one liners like: Marriage is a 4 ring circus: Engagement ring, wedding ring, suffer-ring and endue-ring. The couple and their families won't appreciate it.
  • No off color stories. Grandma and both bride and groom's families will be in attendance.
  • No embarrassing stories of the bride or groom. It's their special day. They don't need to be reminded of something they'd rather forget.
  • No stories of ex girlfriends or boyfriends.
  • No frat party stories or kegger stories.

What to say:

  • Talk about your relationship with the groom. "We met in grade school and have been best friends ever since". Share some funny, G rated stories of growing up, or college or of a road trip.
  • Talk about meeting his bride. How you just knew that she was the one for him. How they complete each other as a couple. How they've overcome obstacles and made it together.
  • Talk about their common interests and their goals for the future.
  • Thank the families for hosting the wedding, if they are indeed the wedding hosts.
  • Thank the guests for joining the couple in celebrating on one of the happiest days of their lives.
  • Speak from the heart. If you are the best man, you are probably his brother or best friend. Tell the couple you love them both and wish them the best that life has to offer. Use phrases like "May you be more in love in the future than you are today." "May your life be full of sunshine and happiness."

Don't ramble on, keep it short, keep it simple.

Stand up, speak to the crowd and be prepared. Practice your speech before the wedding. Take a deep breath before you speak to relax. If you need note cards, use note cards.

Look at the couple while you are speaking, but when it's time to toast, look out to the crowd and ask them to raise their glasses to the new Mr and Mrs.

Raise your glass, ask the crowd to join in and make your toast. "May you live long in health and love". "May your life together be long and prosperous and full of enduring love". You get the idea. For more help on putting together your best man speech, Click Here!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Britney Seeks 50 truths...

Britney, Sit down darlin'...we need to talk and we need to talk NOW.

This is for your own good. You don't need to buy a book to find truths. I'm going to tell you about something called common sense.

First of all, do you have a fashion stylist? If you do, fire that person right now.

Look directly in the mirror, Brit. You look like you rolled out of a double wide after a wild weekend of moonshine and karaoke. That bag lady look doesn't suit you. And please, remove the price tags before you wear them. We know you have more money than we do and we don't really care how much you paid. None of us would be caught dead in that get up anyway.

Winter boots are not to be worn in LA in the summer. Have you ever seen
winter? You need these boots to navigate the snow. When we common sense people see someone wearing insulated boots in the summer in LA, all we can do is smack our foreheads and exclaim WTF? We all want to know: Why do you cover you lower legs when your tush is hanging out?

Daisy duke shorts only work in your home state.

Stop dressing like a Frederick's of Hollywood catalog model. Geeze we all know you have a great body. Why dress like a madame when you can afford to look sexy AND classy?

We know you are wearing hair extensions...but the hat? Are you having a Sinatra moment? Why not take out the extensions, punk out your hair and look like a rocker instead of looking like someone who needs a hair style intervention?

We've taken the liberty to print up t shirts that say "Kevin has the kids tonight." We won't have to wonder if some nanny is taking care of the kids while you schlep around LA trying to get photographed by the paparazzi. Or when you are out until dawn dancing in some club. If you have the tee on letting us know the kids are OK, we'll all sleep better. We're here to help you, we've made some up for you ... just click here!

Brit, we thought of this just for you.

Kids are a gift..not a right. There are so many people who would cut off their right arm to have 2 beautiful children like yours. Stay home and take care of them. Kids grow up so fast. You can't buy back the time. Play with them, its more of a kick than having a flash bulb go off in your face or partying until sunrise.

Make up with your mom. Someday you'll understand. Your feud is so Lindsay Lohan. She may actually have something to say that is worth listening to, ya know?

We all want to believe you are a nice girl, er, young woman. We remember you on the Mickey Mouse club. Stop drinking. Get a new circle of advisers who have your best interest at heart before you blow through all your cash, your reputation and your new chance to make a living. Then...take their advice. Its not easy growing up.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Thirty Day Challenge

I seem to be constantly getting myself into something or other. I can never just have one project on the back burner, I seem to do better with like 10 projects cooking at the same time.

I decided to enroll in the 30 day challenge, a chance to learn internet marketing from the real pros. Since I am on the internet when I'm not helping my customers, why the heck not try it? I sure could use real information that will help my web site. I'm sure my husband would prefer I spend time with him, but this is a real challenge for me. Since I'm ultra competitive, I have to finish. The husband can barely turn on the computer, so he's not going to be my partner in this endeavor.

My head is spinning. I've downloaded, watched videos and sat transfixed at all the information.
How much information can one human take in before their head explodes? Just wondering....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Jessie Davis Murdered by her boyfriend!

I'm angry! I'm outraged! How could anyone murder their unborn child who could have lived if she had been given the chance? How could anyone do this to Jessie? How can you let your 2 year old son witness the murder of his mother and leave him alone to fend for himself for over 24 hours?

You've all seen the news reports. You all know that 3 thousand people banded together in the largest search in the US to find her. I was one of them.

I spent hours poking through the fields, brambles, streams and weeds looking for Jessie. Jessie's father was in our search party. He was relentless in searching for his daughter. It made all of us even more determined to help the family. Everyone in the field said the same thing...if it were my wife, daughter, son or family member, we'd want everyone to help, too. We HAVE to be here. Why wasn't Bobby Cutts out searching? He was on personal leave from the police force. Any real man would be there. It was his was his baby. There were so many people who took personal days off to join in the search who never met Jessie. Yet the baby's father was not in search. Hmmm.

People from all over the US came to search for her. It brings back your faith in human nature to see people out in the hot sun under demanding conditions and no one complaining. The community banded together and businesses donated food, water, gloves and everything else needed.

This tragic situation brings life into perspective. People are important. People matter.
This is not a black/white issue. This is a human rights issue. The right of a pregnant woman to live and raise her children. It doesn't matter the color of the skin. It matters the color of the hearts.

I can't fathom how this could have happened. Everyone we speak to says..."I don't understand". And I don't understand, either.

Why didn't Bobby Cutts, Jr. walk away if he didn't want this child? Why did he murder Jessie and Chloe? Why did he lie to the media over and over? How can a police officer who is supposed to uphold the law disappoint and dishonor his loved ones and his community?

And what will be the long term effects on their two year old son Blake who witnessed the horror? Will it stay with him forever? Will he forget it in time? Or will he always live with the horror of daddy murdered mommy?

I don't know if we will ever know the answers to any of these questions. I pray the family gets the answers and the peace they deserve. I pray for the family and pray for little Blake, Jessie and Chloe.

And I'm pissed!! I'm angry and I'm upset. We all wanted a happy ending. We all wanted to find Jessie and the baby alive. We didn't want another Scott/Lacy Pederson case. And that's what this is turning into....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Top 10 Reasons He's Just Not Into You

Ok, you think he's the "ONE". But he's just not into you.
Here's a list of the the top 10 reasons he might be drifting away.

#10. You are more high maintenance than his SUV. And with the price of gas, one of you has to go. This is a no brainer, guys always pick their ride. Solution: Either become less expensive or hitch a ride with a guy who drives a hybrid.

#9 His friends don't like you. Solution: You can do one of two things, date his friends so they like you or ditch him. Any guy who chooses his friends over his lady is too immature to be a relationship.

#8 He'd rather watch sports or play golf than be with you. Dancing naked in front of a tv isn't helping get his attention. A true sports fanatic will ask you to move away from the tv screen. Solution: Become a true fan, learn the sport and date a player. They have more money anyway, and you'll get to travel to some of the away games. Or, learn the sport, get a cheerleader uniform, sit and cheer with him and learn to pour a beer without the foam. Or learn to golf. There are some really cute golf outfits and you'll get some sun and beer.

#7 His mother doesn't like you. Solution: Get a pair of good running shoes and run in the other direction. He's a momma's boy and we all know about momma's boy. If in doubt, read Dear Abby while you are running away!

#6 He's always playing games..the video games. Solution: Become a gamer and get better than him. His ego may be crushed, but he'll brag about your prowess to all his online nerdy friends.

#5 He's always finding fault with you. Solution: Let him find out what life is all about WITHOUT you.

#4 He spends more time checking out other chicks than paying attention to you in public. Solution: Flirt around with some of the other guys in close proximity. If this doesn't make you more desirable, seriously check out the other guys in his presence. Remarks like "that guy has a great butt" should get a reaction. If it doesn't, kick him to the curb..he's just not into you.

#3 He spends too much time texting. He'll eventually get Blackberry thumb and need medical care. Solution: Go into the other room and send him naughty text messages and wait for a response. If that doesn't work, let him sleep with his Blackberry. He's probably texting some other girl anyway.

#2. He'd rather go clothes shopping with you than make love. Solution: He's probably gay, so make him your best friend and take all his fashion and hair advice. He'll be your truest friend and who doesn't need a true friend?

#1 He's just not into you. He's a total jerk and your friends hate him. Solution: Cry to all of your friends, call him every name in the book and move on.
Keep in mind what goes around comes around..and there's a great someone waiting for you.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell ...why is she so hated?

It happened again, Rosie is posted all over the web and the tabloid TV shows. This time its the split screen showdown on the View that did her in. She was in the ultimate cat fight with Elizabeth Hasselbeck over the troops and the war. Again. Now, Rosie is stepping away from the View before her contract is over.

Which brings up my question...why is Rosie so hated by the media?
Is it because she is plus size? Gay? Out spoken? Against the war? All of the above?

And why is Elizabeth so loved? Is it because she is an attractive straight blonde? Pro Republican and the administration? A hawk in the war? Married to a football player? Pregnant? All of the above?

So why do I care?

In defense of Rosie, she has done an amazing amount of work for children. Check out charity work: Wicki Rosie's All For Children . Rosie's For All Kids Foundation, confirmed that $50 million from her five-year contract with the Rosie O'Donnell Show were donated in a trust to charity that is irrevocable.
She also started "Rosie's Broadway Kids" that will give free singing and dance lessons to New York City public school children.

I watched the videos of her cat fight with Elizabeth, all I could think of is...Rosie has the facts. Its a fact innocent people are loosing their lives on both sides of the war. Women, children, moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts, sweethearts...what did they do to deserve it? And why doesn't the administration see how many people want the war to STOP? There has to be a better way. What happened to diplomacy? Rosie speaks out her conscience and she gets skewered. I wonder if it were someone gorgeous like Sandra Bullock or Sharon Stone said the same thing, if the reaction to the remarks would be the same. I doubt it. They probably would be considered a modern day heroine.

Rosie spoke her mind. She's never backed down from controversy. The last time I checked, we were still allowed to express our opinion via the first amendment. So why did the media fry Rosie for her opinion and not Elizabeth? Could it be because Elizabeth is so cute and petite and Rosie is so loud and gay? Lets face it, more women look like Rosie than Elizabeth.

Oh, lets not forget the Trumpster. Donald got a lot of mileage and free publicity for his TV show by putting his combed over countenance in every news camera and trouncing Rosie. He also made disparaging remarks about his friend, Barbara Walters. But he gets back into the ring and trounces Elizabeth and defends Rosie. WTF??

Donald says: "Well I am obnoxious, so on that she's right I must say but, y'know, Elisabeth is not a very smart person, she's one of the dumber people in television. To see that she supports the war, and she's solidly behind the war, give me a break. This one, I think, Rosie should win, but Rosie's not much herself… I think anybody who's against the war in Iraq is the winner in this fight because, to justify the war in Iraq, only an imbecile could do that."

To which most of us say...who cares about his opinion? And in defense of Elizabeth, I don't believe she is one of the dumbest people on tv. Hello, Paris Hilton.

When two passionate women come to verbal blows, one has to emerge the winner. I don't think there is a winner or a looser in the case. There are the facts. And the facts as I see them is that war is unpopular with the American people that we want our troops We want them home healthy and safe. The troops are our children, our grandchildren, our nieces and nephews, our brothers, sisters, cousins and best friends. They are young people, some not able to vote yet, and others are the parents of children old enough to know their parent is in danger. These are HUMAN beings. God bless every one of them...just please bring them home.

I support the troops 150% and not the war. Isn't that what Rosie has been saying?

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Bridesmaids are Strippers!

I've met a lot of interesting people. My friends call me a wacko magnet. If there is a wacko within 10 miles, I cross paths with them.

I wasn't prepared when the motley crew of gals walked into the bridal shop with two kids in tow. They looked exhausted and haggered. One was wearing false eyelashes at 10 AM. They all looked like they could use a strong cup of Starbucks and a bath. They were dressed in cami tops and sweat pants and we could see more tattoos than average peeking out of their clothes. Were these biker chicks?

They were tough talking broads, nothing sweet or feminine about them. They complained of sore feet and aching calf muscles. Still, nothing rang a bell. They are customers and we treat everyone alike. But there was something strange about their bodies. Really strange, almost unnatural. They didn't have great bodies, but they had great breasts. And as a woman who has dressed women for years....they didn't look natural. Every one had breast implants!! Still no clue.

Now comes the hard part. We couldn't fit their tops into any of the dress styles. They kept popping out somewhere. And they all wanted low cut sexy halter tops. They were popping out of the top AND the sides. I wish I could say it was a good look. It wasn't. It wasn't sexy, it wasn't a look for a wedding. It was a challenge.

And the challenge continued after the dresses arrived. The seamstress tried to tailor the tops to fit them properly, but she was afraid a misplaced pin might pop their implants. She fretted.

While the seamstress is doing a fitting, one of the gals starts telling her that they are all professional dancers. The seamstress is a sweet grandma, she envisioned them on "Dancing With The Stars". She asked them if they are in dance competitions. That's when the lightbulb went off....OMG....they're strippers!!! We had to explain their dancing to her. ;) She took it much better than we thought she would, even ending up hugging them.

We managed to make our dance troup look presentable. One ended up missing the wedding because she wasn't able to make bail on a drug rap.

And guess what shoes they wore for the wedding? Yup, those clear platform striper shoes. I really would love to see the wedding photos. I can only imagine the look on the groom's mothers face...priceless!

Destination Weddings

A destination wedding is any wedding away from home. It used to be called eloping. The couple snuck away and came home married. No big deal. But times have changed and destination weddings are the hot new trend in weddings.

Today not only do the bride and groom go away, they take the wedding, family and friends with them!

The couple needs to first choose the location. Is your paradise wedding exchanging vows at a beach at sunset? A mountain cabin? A cruise ship? A wedding chapel in Las Vegas with Elvis officiating? A sophisticated and elegant Las Vegas wedding in a hotel chapel? A castle in Europe? A meadow in the forest? A hotel or condo on the beach? A resort in the Caribbean?
Decide the formality of the ceremony. Do you want a traditional wedding in a nontraditional setting? Or do you want a relaxed, casual atmosphere? Do you want a reception or a beach barbeque?Dinner at a restaurant? Or a catered lunch at a beach condo?

You next need to choose a date. Keep in mind that the date and place should be announced well enough in advance so that your family and friends can make travel and financial arrangements to attend. Keep them in the loop.

Find out the legal requirements for marrying. You can search the internet for the answers or use the wedding planner at your destination as most hotels and chapels have full time wedding planners. Or, you can hire a planner in the area to answer all your questions and guide you through the maze of information. Save yourself the stress and hire a professional so you don't have to spend your wedding day tending to details.

Make sure you have a licenced officiant to perform the ceremony.

Get familiar with the area. If you are marrying on the beach, make sure the tide is out at the time of the ceremony. And if you are marrying on the beach, have a plan B in case of rain. Your best times for a wedding are early morning or early evening when the family beach crowd isn't gawking at you. It also isn't as hot as the noon day early afternoon sun.
If your guests are accompanying you, remember your wedding is probably their vacation and allow them to enjoy themselves. After the ceremony, you and your groom will want to be alone!

The earlier you start planning, you'll find the best travel deals. You'll pay more for a last minute flight.

For more tips on destination weddings, please visit my web site

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Las Vegas Weddings, Getting Your Marriage License

Are you planning a Las Vegas wedding? Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the USA, even attracting visitors from other countries.

What you need for a Las Vegas marriage licence:

  • Identification: The following may be used for identification:
  • Driver's License or State-issued I.D. card.
  • Original or Certified copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Foreign Birth Certificate must be translated into English and notarized.
  • Passport.
  • Military Identification.
  • Resident alien card.

No Blood test is required.

$55.00 in cash for the licence fee

You must be 18 years of age.

If you are marrying at a hotel or wedding chapel, your wedding coordinator will help you make your arrangements to obtain your marriage license. Its considered part of their service.

For more information, visit

The Eco Friendly Wedding

If a bride came into my shop and said she was having a green wedding, I would assume green was her wedding color. I might have asked her " What shade are you looking for?" Its not that I'm clueless...I just didn't know that the eco friendly green movement has trickled down to weddings.

My first impulse would be to replace the paper plates with china. But it goes way beyond that. I just recently read some articles to show its a growing trend. And the couples that are having a green wedding are dead serious about it.

The article mentioned an enviornmentally correct wedding gown. Well, I've been selling dresses for 30 years and I'm an expert in the field...and I have NO CLUE what is environmentally correct wedding dress may be. Is it made of hemp? Cotton? Silk? Can someone clue me in please?

The article also mentioned rings cast by a jeweler that has a social conscience. Aren't all gold and gems recycled in some way? I don't know of any woman who would deliberately discard her gems and gold...we melt them down into something that is more of a current style. Are they referring to blood diamonds?

I do know about the invitations on hemp or recycled papers. I'm not familiar with tree less paper. The recycled paper invitations are just as pretty as nongreen invitations.

The articles all had one concensus: Most green weddings take place outside in nature or on the beach.

I totally need to research this phenomenon. I'm all for green...whether ecologically or color. Green is good. Saving the environment is good. I'm off to do some research. And if anyone can help me out with additional information, please let me know.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Are You a Bridezilla? Take the Test!

The media has a field day with the term "Bridezilla". Until it word became popular, we had an entirely different name for that type of bride. Use your imagination. ;)

Bridezilla: Myth or reality?

The bridezilla phenomenon is largely media created. Most brides are sweet, excited and deliriously happy. The few that aren't are called Bridezilla's. Bridezilla's are few and far between, but the media has made it seem that its OK to behave badly. To see if you are a Bridezilla take the test below.

How to tell if you are a Bridezilla...the Bridezilla test

  • Is the wedding all about me?

  • Do I feel entitled to special treatment from everyone because I'm getting married?

  • Do I obsess about every detail of the wedding and have trouble making decisions? Am I changing my mind and second guessing every decision I've make?

  • Do I talk about my wedding 24/7?

  • Do I spend hours online chatting and comparing notes with other brides?

  • Are my friends avoiding me because "its all about me"?

  • Is my fiance sick of hearing about the wedding?

  • Are I focusing on the wedding instead of the marriage?

  • Am I having temper tantrums and anxiety attacks?

  • Do I expect perfectionism in every aspect of my wedding?

  • Do I expect a huge shower, a bachelorette party, etc?

  • Am I in the "gimme gimme I want good gifts" mode?

  • Do I spend hours looking at my online wedding registry to see what's been purchased?

  • Am I lashing out at my mother, fiance, bridesmaids and friends?

  • Can I do two hours on my wedding hairdo and makeup until my friends want to scream?

  • Am I bossing around the wedding party? The staff at the bridal salon? The reception coordinator?

  • Do I demand to have everything my own way?

  • Am I dictating hair styles, mani and pedi's and the same makeup for my maids?

  • Am I complaining about my bridesmaids to everyone who will listen?

  • Has any member of the wedding party stepped down due to my behavior?

  • Am I telling my fiance that all the groomsmen MUST have a fresh shave and a haircut?

  • Do you insist your wedding has to be better than a cousin, a friend's etc?

  • Are you arguing with everyone from your fiance to your parents to your bridesmaids?

If you answer yes to 5 or less questions: You aren't a Bridezilla. Some wedding anxiety is normal. You need to step back and relax with your fiance. Take a few days off from wedding planning. Take a deep breath, it will all work out fine. Nothing is perfect and no one will be the wiser if something goes wrong.

If you answer yes to 6 to 10 are on your way to becoming a Bridezilla. Its time to reevaluate this wedding and marriage. Are you in love with your fiance or in love with the idea of getting married? Time to get a grip and get a clue and relax a bit. Its a wedding, its about the two of you. The rest is just a party.

If you answer yes to 11 or more questions, you are a full blown Bridezilla. Time for a major attitude adjustment and its time to make amends to everyone you've alienated during the planning process. Do you really want to get married? What is making you so unhappy? Work on what's really bothering you and the rest will fall into place. No one wants to be Bridezilla and no one wants to be around a Bridezilla. Someone is liable to tell your fiance what you are all about in Bridezilla mode, buy him a pair of track shoes and tell him to run! Don't let it happen to you, take a deep breath and reaccess your priorities.

What is normal wedding behavior?

  • To be excited and focused on the wedding and marriage.

  • To have dreams of wedding disasters like walking down the aisle in the wrong dress, or walking down the aisle naked or that no guests show up.

  • To include your friends and family in the fun and planning. While your friends are part of the celebration, your wedding not the focus of THEIR life.

  • To think about your wedding 24/7, just don't talk about it 24/7.

  • To have fleeting moments of second guessing and indecision. I always tell my customers, a bad decision is better than no decision.
  • To occasionally compare notes online with other brides and check your online registry. When this becomes an obsession, it signals trouble.

  • To practice different makeup and hair styles, but when you have to try each one with your wedding dress, its becoming a problem.
  • To realize that the wedding is about you and your husband starting a life together. The reception is just a big party!
  • To want things perfect, but have the common sense to know that nothing is perfect.

Feel free to share you Bridezilla stories and I may even share some of the more unique ones here.

The Bridezilla test is copyright by . Feel free to link to this site to share it with your friends!