Monday, June 25, 2007

Jessie Davis Murdered by her boyfriend!

I'm angry! I'm outraged! How could anyone murder their unborn child who could have lived if she had been given the chance? How could anyone do this to Jessie? How can you let your 2 year old son witness the murder of his mother and leave him alone to fend for himself for over 24 hours?

You've all seen the news reports. You all know that 3 thousand people banded together in the largest search in the US to find her. I was one of them.

I spent hours poking through the fields, brambles, streams and weeds looking for Jessie. Jessie's father was in our search party. He was relentless in searching for his daughter. It made all of us even more determined to help the family. Everyone in the field said the same thing...if it were my wife, daughter, son or family member, we'd want everyone to help, too. We HAVE to be here. Why wasn't Bobby Cutts out searching? He was on personal leave from the police force. Any real man would be there. It was his was his baby. There were so many people who took personal days off to join in the search who never met Jessie. Yet the baby's father was not in search. Hmmm.

People from all over the US came to search for her. It brings back your faith in human nature to see people out in the hot sun under demanding conditions and no one complaining. The community banded together and businesses donated food, water, gloves and everything else needed.

This tragic situation brings life into perspective. People are important. People matter.
This is not a black/white issue. This is a human rights issue. The right of a pregnant woman to live and raise her children. It doesn't matter the color of the skin. It matters the color of the hearts.

I can't fathom how this could have happened. Everyone we speak to says..."I don't understand". And I don't understand, either.

Why didn't Bobby Cutts, Jr. walk away if he didn't want this child? Why did he murder Jessie and Chloe? Why did he lie to the media over and over? How can a police officer who is supposed to uphold the law disappoint and dishonor his loved ones and his community?

And what will be the long term effects on their two year old son Blake who witnessed the horror? Will it stay with him forever? Will he forget it in time? Or will he always live with the horror of daddy murdered mommy?

I don't know if we will ever know the answers to any of these questions. I pray the family gets the answers and the peace they deserve. I pray for the family and pray for little Blake, Jessie and Chloe.

And I'm pissed!! I'm angry and I'm upset. We all wanted a happy ending. We all wanted to find Jessie and the baby alive. We didn't want another Scott/Lacy Pederson case. And that's what this is turning into....