Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beach Weddings

Thinking about a beach wedding? Google beach wedding and you will have 10,200,000 results. WHOA!! Thats a lot of information to sift through. Even the most die hard bride will have grandchildren before she can check them all out.

So where do you start? Most wedding couples have a favorite beach or location. Maybe its the beach they went to ever summer on family vacations. Maybe they've always dreamed of a Hawaiian beach wedding. Or maybe its the Caribbean with its turquoise waters and soft breezes.
Start with your favorite location and use that as your starting point. Contact the city or chamber of commerce for information. They'll give you a list of wedding planners and contacts and go from there.

We advise you to use a wedding planner if you are planning an out of town beach wedding. They'll cut through all the red tape, steer you in the right direction and keep you from making a costly mistake. The best part: They save you time and stress because they'll do all the detail work.

Before you sign ANY contracts, make sure you ask for references and testimonials. A hotel that looks so marvelous on the internet may not be habitable in person. Also check beach wedding reviews at Trip Advisor. These are unbiased trip reports from real life beach brides.

I also use Trip Advisor to check out hotels in any city I'm traveling to before I make my reservation. All the glossy web pages in the world don't make a difference, I prefer to hear from people who've stayed there and get the real story.

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