Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wedding Vow Rings , Your vows engraved inside!

My husband and I were flying back from renewing our wedding vows in Las Vegas for our wedding anniversary. We renewed our wedding vows with "Elvis" at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Cheesy? Not really, it was fun and it was romantic. So Bruce says "This is what we should have done for our new wedding rings." I'm like what NEW wedding rings? OK..he shocked me during the ceremony with a new ring, but we didn't get new wedding rings.

He showed me this ad in the onboard magazine:

I've never seen a wedding band with the vows written inside and thought it was cool. Our original wedding bands had our initials and date engraved. There wasn't room to engrave much more. We were limited to like 20 characters. Its hard to say what you feel in 20 characters.

Laser technology has made it possible to engrave your wedding vows inside the ring..and you get 225 characters. You can have your entire wedding vows engraved, or a love poem or a secret saying known only to the two of you.

I am buying one for my husband for Christmas with the renewal vows we exchanged in Las Vegas. I thought about putting inside "take off this ring and I'll hurt you" or "Forget your married and I get the dog, your car AND the house", but my husband is a super guy. So I'll get the vows engraved inside...the Elvis vows. And I have them on a DVD, so it will be easy to get them exact. And I can't wait to see his face!

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