Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flying To Your Destination Wedding

Most destination weddings involve the bride
and groom or wedding guests flying to the
destination. Flying is becoming a pain in the
rear with all the new rules and regulations implemented
by the airlines. Educate yourself BEFORE you leave
so that you don't end up paying excess baggage fees or
repacking your bags at the check in counter.

I recently was in line to check in at a Delta counter.
Most of the people in line didn't know that there
were weight limits to their suitcase and ended up
repacking their bags at the counter. No one wanted
to pay the additional $25.00 for a few extra pounds.
I didn't blame them, but the line didn't move for one
solid hour and tempers were short.

The airlines are changing their baggage rules
by the second. US Airways, American and United
are charging $15.00 to check ONE bag. Only
Southwest isn't charging a bag check fee unless
you have a third bag. The second bag price varies,
but that is the latest gotcha to get you to part with
your money. Some are charging for seat selection!
US Airways is even charging for soft drinks.
How long will it be until they figure out
how to charge for a seatbelt?

Pack your own snacks to eat on the plane. Easy to bring
along snacks are grapes, crackers, cookies, trail mix,
granola bars, etc. You'll save a bundle, but remember,
you can't bring any beverages from home. You'll have to
buy them at the airport at an inflated price.

Learn to pack lighter to avoid a lot of pitfalls
at the check in counter.

Know the latest rules and regulations by
going to
He is updating his chart to reflect the latest
airline fees so there isn't any unpleasant surprise
on the way to your destination wedding!