Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Thirty Day Challenge

I seem to be constantly getting myself into something or other. I can never just have one project on the back burner, I seem to do better with like 10 projects cooking at the same time.

I decided to enroll in the 30 day challenge, a chance to learn internet marketing from the real pros. Since I am on the internet when I'm not helping my customers, why the heck not try it? I sure could use real information that will help my web site. I'm sure my husband would prefer I spend time with him, but this is a real challenge for me. Since I'm ultra competitive, I have to finish. The husband can barely turn on the computer, so he's not going to be my partner in this endeavor.

My head is spinning. I've downloaded, watched videos and sat transfixed at all the information.
How much information can one human take in before their head explodes? Just wondering....

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