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Are you a Maidzilla? A bad bridesmaid? Take the test.

Are you a Maidzilla? A bad bridesmaid?

A Maidzilla is a BAD bridesmaid. A Maidzilla mob is a group of bad bridesmaids. She's ticked off about something and everyone knows it. She's not used to sharing the spotlight. It should be all about her, but this person called the bride is getting all the attention. She's spending a lot of money, and she's not happy. Could you be a maidzilla? Take the test below to find out!

The Maidzilla test:

  • Are you constantly complaining to the bride about the wedding?

  • Do you dislike the groom? Have you told her?

  • Do you hate the bridesmaid dress?

  • Did you hold up the entire wedding party because you "just couldn't get around to order your dress"?

  • Do you hate the color of the dress?

  • Have you told everyone you'll never wear this ugly dress again?

  • Have you complained about the price of the dress?

  • Are you ticked off at the size of your dress you've had to order?

  • Are you upset you have to pay for alterations?

  • Are you angry that you've had to buy shoes or a bra for the dress?

  • Have you complained or caused a scene about the price, color, size you need to order or cost of alterations, etc. in the bridal salon?

  • Does the bridal salon staff hide when you come into the store?

  • Has the bridal salon had to call the bride regarding your behavior or not showing up for appointments?

  • Is the bride apologizing for your behavior?

  • Have you argued with the bride over any aspect of her wedding?

  • Have you threatened to back out of the wedding?

  • Has the bride had to pay for some of your personal expenses related to her wedding?

  • Have you told friends you dislike the bride's dress, wedding theme, etc?

  • Are you angry or refusing to take part in the wedding shower for the bride?

  • Have you told people that you don't know WHY she NEEDS a bridal shower because they've been living together and already have household items?

  • Are you angry about or refusing to take part in the bachelorette party?

  • Are you upset that you aren't in charge of planning the shower or bachelorette party?

  • Are you constantly complaining about your personal wedding expenses while carrying an authentic designer handbag?

  • Have you told the bride that you REFUSE to have your hair or makeup done unless you approve the person doing it?

  • Have you told the bride you refuse to get your hair or makeup done unless it suits your schedule?

  • Do you expect the bride to pay for your hair, nails and makeup?

  • Do you owe the bride money?

  • Are you avoiding helping the bride with wedding tasks?

  • Has the bride, her mother or her fiance spoken to you about your behavior?

  • Have you complained about the groomsman who is your partner in the wedding? Do you think you should have been paired with someone "hotter"?

Next question is based on whether you are married or single:

  • If you are married: Do you constantly talk about your wedding and how you did things and how much better it was than this wedding?
  • If you are single: Do you constantly talk about how much better your wedding will be..and how the bride "stole" your ideas?

For each yes, its one point.

7 points and under: You're a normal bridesmaid. You probably dislike the dress and probably won't ever wear it again. But, you're a good friend and that's what good friends do...wear the dress and smile. When its your turn to be the bride you'll get to pick what THEY wear. ;) You realize its an honor to be asked to be in the wedding and you are happy to oblige with a minimum of grumbling.

8 to 15 points: Mini Maidzilla in the making. You aren't happy about this wedding and can't keep it bottled up inside all the time. Maybe complaining is just in your nature. Maybe you think your friend is making a mistake and you are afraid to save her. Maybe you are a bit in love with her fiance, can't understand how she got so lucky and are jealous. Whatever the reason, take a chill pill and be happy for the bride.

16 points and above: Full blown Maidzilla. Everything in life SHOULD be about you and you hate to share the spotlight with the bride. You feel that the bride doesn't deserve all this attention. Jealousy oozes out of every one of your pores. You are a bad friend. Don't be surprized if the bride and groom and some of your friends never speak to you after the wedding. You need a serious attitude adjustment. The wedding is going to happen regardless of your feelings. Either be a part of it or bow out before you lose all sense of dignity.

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