Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Years Resolutions for the Destination Bride

If you are planning a destination wedding,
its time to get your resolutions made and
get planning.

Get organized! Get or download a planner
and keep it up to date. Very important
since the wedding is out of town to keep phone
numbers and email addresses where they
can be easily accessed.

Get your passport if you are getting married
out of the USA. You now need a passport to
get married in the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada.
Cross the border, you need a passport.
DO NOT WAIT! Since the new rule went into
effect, the wait time is longer since everyone
puts it off. To see what you need to get your
passport, click here.

Make travel and lodging arrangements in
advance. Last minute travel will cost
you more money.

Send save the date cards with travel information
to the guests you are inviting. They need time
to save up the money to travel and take
vacation time from work.

Keep your guests in the loop by creating
a wedding web site that you update

Make lists of what you will need to
travel and the clothes you will need
for the location. Start filling in your
wardrobe with things you need for
the wedding and honeymoon.

Make a list and assemble the
documents you both need to get your
marriage license.

Confirm all of your wedding arrangements
BEFORE you travel.

Confirm your travel reservations BEFORE
you travel.

Don't forget to pack your sunscreen if
you are heading to a beach location!

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