Friday, May 25, 2007

Destination Weddings

A destination wedding is any wedding away from home. It used to be called eloping. The couple snuck away and came home married. No big deal. But times have changed and destination weddings are the hot new trend in weddings.

Today not only do the bride and groom go away, they take the wedding, family and friends with them!

The couple needs to first choose the location. Is your paradise wedding exchanging vows at a beach at sunset? A mountain cabin? A cruise ship? A wedding chapel in Las Vegas with Elvis officiating? A sophisticated and elegant Las Vegas wedding in a hotel chapel? A castle in Europe? A meadow in the forest? A hotel or condo on the beach? A resort in the Caribbean?
Decide the formality of the ceremony. Do you want a traditional wedding in a nontraditional setting? Or do you want a relaxed, casual atmosphere? Do you want a reception or a beach barbeque?Dinner at a restaurant? Or a catered lunch at a beach condo?

You next need to choose a date. Keep in mind that the date and place should be announced well enough in advance so that your family and friends can make travel and financial arrangements to attend. Keep them in the loop.

Find out the legal requirements for marrying. You can search the internet for the answers or use the wedding planner at your destination as most hotels and chapels have full time wedding planners. Or, you can hire a planner in the area to answer all your questions and guide you through the maze of information. Save yourself the stress and hire a professional so you don't have to spend your wedding day tending to details.

Make sure you have a licenced officiant to perform the ceremony.

Get familiar with the area. If you are marrying on the beach, make sure the tide is out at the time of the ceremony. And if you are marrying on the beach, have a plan B in case of rain. Your best times for a wedding are early morning or early evening when the family beach crowd isn't gawking at you. It also isn't as hot as the noon day early afternoon sun.
If your guests are accompanying you, remember your wedding is probably their vacation and allow them to enjoy themselves. After the ceremony, you and your groom will want to be alone!

The earlier you start planning, you'll find the best travel deals. You'll pay more for a last minute flight.

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