Sunday, October 14, 2007

Beach Wedding Photo Tip

A photographer who specializes in beach weddings just gave me this great photo tip. She said that if the bride's hair is too dark, it casts a shadow on her face in the pictures. She advises the bride add highlights to the front of her hair so the light bounces off her hair instead of being absorbed into her dark hair.

She also said if the bride doesn't want to highlight her hair, she should wear a tiara or headband to draw the light to the face. She explained it to me, its the sun, the water and the light filters...but I don't understand the technicalities and I can't explain it. She's the pro, I'm the tipster.

One of my brides with jet black hair had the front of her hair highlighted for her wedding photos. Her face was so much brighter and her eyes just popped. I hadn't realized how beautiful she was, but just adding a few highlights, the transformation was amazing. In my mind, this validates the photographers tip.

Ask your photographer, ask your hairdresser. I'm giving this tip two thumbs up.

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