Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Eco Friendly Wedding

If a bride came into my shop and said she was having a green wedding, I would assume green was her wedding color. I might have asked her " What shade are you looking for?" Its not that I'm clueless...I just didn't know that the eco friendly green movement has trickled down to weddings.

My first impulse would be to replace the paper plates with china. But it goes way beyond that. I just recently read some articles to show its a growing trend. And the couples that are having a green wedding are dead serious about it.

The article mentioned an enviornmentally correct wedding gown. Well, I've been selling dresses for 30 years and I'm an expert in the field...and I have NO CLUE what is environmentally correct wedding dress may be. Is it made of hemp? Cotton? Silk? Can someone clue me in please?

The article also mentioned rings cast by a jeweler that has a social conscience. Aren't all gold and gems recycled in some way? I don't know of any woman who would deliberately discard her gems and gold...we melt them down into something that is more of a current style. Are they referring to blood diamonds?

I do know about the invitations on hemp or recycled papers. I'm not familiar with tree less paper. The recycled paper invitations are just as pretty as nongreen invitations.

The articles all had one concensus: Most green weddings take place outside in nature or on the beach.

I totally need to research this phenomenon. I'm all for green...whether ecologically or color. Green is good. Saving the environment is good. I'm off to do some research. And if anyone can help me out with additional information, please let me know.

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