Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Keeping Your Destination Wedding Guests in the Loop

A destination wedding means you have to
keep the information flowing to the
guests who are traveling to your wedding.
They need to know of any change of plans
that will affect their travel plans.

Save the date cards should be sent out
as far in advance as possible. Your guests will
need time to arrange their finances, save for
the trip and get the time off work so they can
attend your wedding. You should include a link to
a personal wedding web site where you can
keep current information.
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Post on the site special information for your
guests such as travel agents or sites you
are working with to help them make their
travel arrangements. Post discounted hotel
options for the guests. Most resorts or hotels
will discount a block of hotel rooms for your
guests. You, as the bride, need to arrange
this either by negotiation or by using a
wedding planner in your location.

You might want to include a schedule of the wedding
events as well as local things for them to see
or do. Include information on local weather and
transportation. Ask yourself: If I were a guest,
what would I want or need to know so I can attend
this wedding. Then answer them on your personal
web site.

The more information you give to your guests, the
easier it will be for everyone to attend the
wedding and have a blast! Remember, your guests
are spending a lot of money to travel to the wedding
and this is also a vacation for them. Give them
free time to enjoy themselves and take in some of
the local color, lounge by the pool or beach or
just chill.

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