Monday, March 23, 2009

Destination Weddings and Dealing With the Humidity

Tropical climate equals humidity. Lets say
you are getting married in Florida, and yes,
Florida does have tropical weather and the
humidity is off the charts. Normal Florida
weather, so to speak. Its humid and you
are in a wedding dress for a beach wedding.
How do you stay picture perfect and look fresh?

My nephew had an awesome beach wedding in Florida.
Everything was perfect, except for the humidity.
It was so humid in the evening that my teeth were
sweating. We'd been rocking out on the dance floor
that was on a huge deck surrounding the hotel.
There were fans, but no ocean breeze and the
brides makeup looked fresher than a daisy.
Mandy, the bride, asked me to help her remove
her crinoline. No one could figure out how to
peel it off her because of the corset back but
me. So while I was helping her cool off,
she told me she had on makeup primer.
Head smack! Why hadn't I thought of that?

Rule number one: Wear makeup primer. It
will keep your makeup on through the
most wicked humidity.

Carry some makeup blotters that blot your
skin and remove the oils and leave the
makeup intact.

Rule number two: Don't wear a heavy crinoline
if you are having a beach wedding. Most
dresses already have a built in crinoline
and you don't need more fullness and added
fabric to make you warmer.

Rule number three: If you are having
an outdoor or beach wedding with an
outdoor reception, keep the cold drinks
flowing. Limit your alcohol intake, it
will make you warmer. Drink ice water, ice
tea and lemonade to rehydrate.

Rule number four: Let your groomsmen take
off their ties and jacket after the ceremony
and the pictures. Tuxes are hot, in both
senses of the word. ;)

Rule number five: Enjoy yourself, a cool
shower when you get home and you'll feel

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