Friday, May 9, 2008

Orbitz Helps You Pick Your Perfect Beach!

This is so cool. Orbitz came up with a tool to help
you pick the beach that is perfect for you. The tool
is more like playing a game. The sound of the sea
lapping on the shore sets the background for the questions.
Answer the questions, the tool will help you
find your perfect beach.

You first select who will be traveling:
Honeymooners, couples, families, etc.
Then you pick your interests and this page
is so cool. Up on the beach floats a shopping bag,
a scuba mask, disco ball, a shrimp on a fork and more.
The next step is hotel options and on the beach floats
cucumbers for the spa, a do not disturb sign and more.
This is just FUN.

My best beaches are in Punta Cana, Jamaica and St. Lucia.
I thought no beach could top St. Marteen, but I guess I'll
have to give the other spots a whirl.

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