Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting Married In Mexico

Sunny Mexico, smiling people, swaying palm trees, white sandy beaches, the perfect destination wedding getaway! Mexico is fast becoming a top destination wedding spot. Why? Mexico has premiere beach resorts that are catering to destination weddings. Mexican weddings are affordable. Mexico is a beautiful country with both "jungles" and beaches so you have a choice of wedding locales. And who doesn't love Mexican food?

Its not difficult to marry in Mexico, but there are guidelines that need to be followed. Mexico has different states and different marriage requirements. If you book your wedding at a resort, take advantage of their wedding coordinator to help you through the legal requirements. Although you can do it all yourself, its advisable to hire a wedding coordinator if you are coming in from the US to make the wedding flow seamlessly. The legalities can be confusing, but a wedding planner can help you save time and stress.

You will need to plan in advance and assemble paperwork to have a legal wedding in Mexico. You are required to have a passport and tourist visa. If you arrive by plane, the airline will give you a tourist visa. If driving, you will get it at the border. Make copies, because they will keep them. Some of the documents will need to be translated into Spanish. You need a CERTIFIED copy of your birth certificate and you should have it translated into Spanish. DO NOT bring the original, because they keep it.
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