Thursday, January 3, 2008

How Do I Pick My Destination Wedding Location?

Choosing a destination wedding location is
may be confusing because there are so many
choices. You can marry anyplace from a mountain
cabin, Caribbean resort, Las Vegas, cruise ship,
villa in Italy, bed and breakfast, Hawaiian beach
or your state park. The list is endless and there
will be someone who will marry you in your
choice of location IF you plan ahead.

Is there a place that has a special meaning
to you as a couple?

Is there a spot growing up that holds a
special memory to either of you?

Do you have a favorite beach?

Have you traveled to a spot and thought
that it would make a great place for a wedding?

Do you both love hot or cold weather? If you hate
hot weather, then nix the beach and head for the
mountains. Let the weather be a factor in
your choices.

Close your eyes, how do you picture
your wedding? On a windswept beach?
On a mountaintop at sunrise? In the glitter
of Las Vegas? On a covered bridge on a
country road? Visualize, visualize and
visualize some more and you'll have
your answer!

Work it out as a couple. Its HIS wedding, too!

If we are inviting guests, is there affordable
lodging available?

Is there an nearby airport with easy connections,
not just for your guests, but for you as a couple?
Nothing is worse than having problems traveling!
(Tip: Arrive a day or two early so you have time
to relax and unwind and get last minute wedding
arrangements handled.)

Talk to a travel agent. They have ideas and
suggestions that will help guide you and special
package deals that you may not be able to
find on the net.

Cruise the net. There are so many ideas and
locations. Note what looks interesting and follow
up. Great weddings don't just happen, they
are well planned!


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purple said...

You missed one important consideration... how much are you comfortable asking your friends to spend? I originally fell in love with the idea of a wedding in St. Lucia but then found out how expensive that could be. Since the most important thing to us was having as many friends and family there as possible, we gave up the idea of St. Lucia for somewhere more affordable (but still GORGEOUS) in Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Follow my DW journey:

Your Wedding Coach said...

Purple, You are absolutely correct! Unfortunately, most couples don't think like you do. They are after their dream wedding, and their friends' budgets are not their top priority.

Regarding Cuba, US citizens can't legally travel to that country. But maybe with the new leadership, the US might release the travel restrictions.