Thursday, February 18, 2010

Destination Beach Wedding Dresses

You've set the date, you've picked the location, now you need to find THE perfect wedding dress. A destination or beach wedding dress needs to be easy to pack and transport. It needs to be lightweight if the weather is hot. Your dress needs to look like a wedding dress, but not over the top. Destination dresses are considered more of an informal wedding dress. Your dress needs to be easy to wear and comfortable at the wedding. And finally you will need to be able to navigate the terrain, like sand at the beach, in the dress without stumbling, tripping and dragging around a heavy dress.

Consider light weight fabrics like chiffon, taffeta, natural silk (which actually breathes)and light weight satin or natural fabrics like bamboo. Make sure if you are getting married in the sunlight that the dress doesn't shadow, it must be lined well enough so that nothing shows through.

What do do? We've got some suggestions of sizzling, beach worthy, easy to pack destination wedding dresses. Oh, yes, and the prices are right!

4030 Wedding Gown - $ 179.00

ED-1187 Eden Wedding Gown - $ 403.00

ED-1357 Eden Wedding Gown - $ 337.00

Sexy back of the dress above...LOVE IT!

FV-6120 Dress - $ 268.00

Check out the back below!!

OMG, what an amazing back!!


BLU Event Design said...

I love it when brides go a bit dressier than expected!! I think there should be one element thats sort of out of place, could it be the dress???

kiran said...

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alex said...

I had a hard time finding the perfect beach-worthy wedding dress as well - after my wedding I actually opened a store in Minnesota specializing in beach wedding gowns. I LOVE destination weddings!