Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Married Flip Flops on Sale

On Sale at The Knot Wedding Shop

I came across these cute just married flip
flops on sale for an outrageous $2.99 a pair
at the Knot. These are so cute for beach
weddings. Many couples slip them on after
the ceremony to leave a trail if "just married"
on the sand and have the photographer
take pics of their vows on the sand.

They can be worn on the honeymoon and
you can gift your wedding party with these
to wear during the beach ceremony.
They are fun, cute and the perfect touch
for a beach wedding. Not long ago, these
same flip flops were nearly twenty dollars
in bridal boutiques. This is a real
deal! Are you frugal brides listening?
Your guy will love them, too.
Everyone can use another
pair of flip flops, go for it!

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