Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Destination Weddings, Best Times and Dates

I came across a posting on About.com
giving advice on the best places to go
for a destination wedding or honeymoon according to
the time of year. Very informative and really
important when planning your destination
wedding. Read it here.

If you are honeymooning in the summer months,
stay away from Disney or you'll be in long lines
of children. Go in the winter months, excluding
spring break and holidays, and you'll miss the long
lines of children. Your wait time in line is minimal and
Disney is awesome any time of the year.

If you are cruising, you might want to miss the
hurricane months of June 1 to November 30
even though the most active time is considered
August 15 to October 25. You are safe on a cruise
ship, the cruise line isn't going to sail a kabillion
dollar ship into a storm. They are going to circumvent
the storm. I was on a ship sailing through a tropical
depression. It was rough sailing and windy, but it only
lasted about 8 hours and didn't really affect anything
on board the ship. You couldn't go outside, but inside
it was business as usual. We sailed out of the storm into
calm waters and we didn't even know it was a hurricane
developing until we got home.

One thing to note: cruise sailings are less money during
the fall months. I've also sailed during the active time and
didn't have any rough weather. For information on getting
married on a cruise ship, click here.

Las Vegas is perfect year round. Avoid going during a major
convention. Las Vegas has conventions year round, there are
some huge ones that will book up hotel rooms and
escalate the room prices.
Check the Las Vegas convention calender to check your dates.

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